Police pursue stolen tank

Police pursue a tank that was stolen from a military base as it recklessly tears down anything in it's path.

Uploaded by P1Blue February 04, 2013
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This incident happened on May 18, 1995 in San Diego, California and I am wondering why this "issue" is even being discussed. At the time it took place, the suspect's family did not find fault with the Officer shooting the suspect, who died later in the hospital.
lmmccart June 14, 2013 Report Abuse
H had previous military training and he drives like that? Seriously, was he drunk? why destroy private property of people that have nothing to do with his little crazy arse vendetta? "Gas would cause the driver to become debilitated and go out of control... and he was not already out of control?? Sounds like a mental health issue. No cause for a lethal force turkey shoot, he was clearly not armed.
ipali February 08, 2013 Report Abuse

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