Cop Beats Down Kimbo Slice!

Sean Gannon is a police officer with Boston PD for last 12 years. Gannon won internet fame by being the first to beat Kimbo Slice in a street fight.__NEWLINE____NEWLINE____NEWLINE____NEWLINE__See more here!

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Ummm folks should those of us in law enforcement do a little more fact checking before we comment? Officer Sean Gannon was and still is on the job in Boston. He wasn't suspended for the above fight, but because he ignored a direct order to not fight in a MMA fight and ended up with two weeks on the beach. He is still on the job and still trains but doesn't fight professionally anymore. By the way his MMA record is 2-1. It's easy to check, but I'll post a link to ESPN The Magazine for ya.
stevet10744 August 02, 2011 Report Abuse
i dis agree with chris and think myballsak is lame i dont understand why he started hugging i prefer the akido arm snap
giveawaydis November 03, 2009 Report Abuse
He fought the Law and the Law won! Kimbo is a loser who usually fights fat, out of shape slobs that he knows he can easily defeat, this time the Big white boy was more than he could handle. A street fighter/thug beat by a cop... one for the good guys!
I agree with chrisb25 below, this is a disgrace and I also think he and all the officers participating should be reprimanded. Looked like some youtube" gangster fight."
mybasca August 03, 2008 Report Abuse
What a joke and a disgrace to law enforcement. I hope he lost his job!!
chrisb25 June 16, 2008 Report Abuse

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