Courtroom Chaos


A shackled suspect's is attacked in the courtroom by the victim's brother.

Uploaded by MPerez May 05, 2011
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How I got it was that the suspect killed one of his own family members. And the two guys that were attacking him were indeed his older brothers and the other two guys that run in the room are his cousins. Brother talk about a disfunctional family!
Dogman5o April 10, 2008 Report Abuse
I noticed it too.
rangerbailey February 20, 2008 Report Abuse
BRORUSS you are a smart boy.
goodguy_in black6 February 10, 2008 Report Abuse
In case anyone here is detail-oriented like I am, I should point out that the caption above the video says that it is the suspect's brother who attacks the prisoner. However, the video narration states that it is the VICTIM's brother who attacks the prisoner. Thank you. Someone please tell me I am a smart boy.
broruss February 10, 2008 Report Abuse
This is why we need secuity and armed police in court rooms.
Trying2 February 07, 2008 Report Abuse

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