911 tape: Woman calls police over hamburger

Hilarious animated cartoon over a very real 911 call regarding an incorrect fast food order.

Uploaded by P1Blue October 18, 2013
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baggie October 30, 2013 Report Abuse
Let me get this order straight.... That's two all-beef patties, special sauce, cheese, pickles, lettuce, onions all on a Gluton-Free BUN?
8P805 October 30, 2013 Report Abuse
This is the 911 Ninja burger quality assurance law enforcement dispatcher sending an attitude adjustment team to correct that faulty consumable order. As soon as your number comes up, we will assist you. What number did you get? 1,000,991? Please take a seat in the lobby. Enjoy some 15 year old magazines. It will be a while before we get to you. We are currently serving number 1.
Amidamaru223 October 29, 2013 Report Abuse
Ah yes...my former department. I lived in Mission Viejo and Irvine. The suburban soccer moms (or in this case, a tae-kwon-do mom) were a force to be reckoned with.
shooter505 October 22, 2013 Report Abuse
SELF ENTITLEMENT. It's an epidemic that is truly viral.
temple245pc October 21, 2013 Report Abuse

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