How Seattle Police found Cafe Racer Killer

Two officers receive Medal of Courage for recognizing and confronting murderer.

Uploaded by P1Blue December 09, 2012
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I give the police officer giving the presentation a lot of credit. He was confronted during his presentation with a belligerent/disrespectful crowd. It never got violent... because the cop wasn't getting aggressive or very defensive. He (eventually) made a bad situation a little better by allowing these protesters to have a speaker at the microphone for a sort of question and answer session... minus the answering part. There isn't anything you can do in this situation. Anytime the officer tried to speak he was drowned out by 15-20 homeless/unemployed/bongo-drum-playing hippies. I give him credit for keeping his cool in the face of an unruly and loud group of people. But until people truly "come together as a community," you won't see relations with the community getting better out there anytime soon.
Skjermnavnet October 26, 2012 Report Abuse
Great job guys... And maybe one of the funniest things ever said on PoliceOne: At 4:18 of video "the minute he pulled up there I said, oh shish-kabobbs" lol October 25, 2012 Report Abuse

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