Retired NYPD cop kills pharmacy robber

A robbery suspect tried to shoot three police officers during a foot pursuit in East Harlem. A retired NYPD lieutenant stopped him.

Uploaded by hhudson April 17, 2012
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Think about it just for a second, once a cop always a cop. It's in the blood and becomes second nature. Great job Sir'
tubbyjean January 10, 2013 Report Abuse
Great work LT. Thank Pres. Bush for signing HB 218.253. So retired officer could carry firearms.
jhess April 19, 2012 Report Abuse
Nice work Lt., Protect your fellow brothers in blue!!!
sleepfishhunt April 18, 2012 Report Abuse
Like 99.9999% of us, this man will be on the job until his last breath. I"m proud and honored to be a part of this Brotherhood.
CaptRetired April 17, 2012 Report Abuse
Retired Lt stepped up to help his brothers and sisters in blue. Warrior mind set
kkombat April 17, 2012 Report Abuse

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