ACLU sues Jackson Police Department


An ACLU official is suing the Jackson Police Department after being arrested while watching police detain a man in 2007.

Uploaded by P1Blue May 08, 2011
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I'm sure there's more to the story than "just asking for their names and badge numbers" then all of a sudden getting "arrested and strip searched". That's not how it works. Mr. Cox is full of ****
duderooski June 28, 2011 Report Abuse
Total smackdown." ACLU, don't yall have anything to do besides getting paid to look for or cause trouble. Hey, don't I know you?..."
Sweetone2 September 20, 2010 Report Abuse
I believe someone needs to check their facts on this video. I believe the department that is being referred to in this video is the Jackson Mississippi police department, not the Jackson Tennessee police department, as indicated in the brief description under the title. The officer shown in the video is not a Jackson Tennessee police officer and I would know, because I am one.
woodjc01 September 16, 2010 Report Abuse

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