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Will to Win, with Jared Reston.

Uploaded by walkerdl70 June 17, 2011
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Amazing an inspiration for us all!
infantryweaver December 28, 2013 Report Abuse
They need to show this in every basic school. Absolutely an amazing story!
texasvice June 27, 2013 Report Abuse
Brown, you let your partner down cuz you didn't bother to get in shape.
shaner72 February 13, 2013 Report Abuse
This Officer is a real credit to the Badge. Wish I had found this video earlier and am going to ensure all my Officers hear his inspiring story. I am my Departments Senior Officer, still on the street after 35 years and love working with Cops like him. To do less, as "mayigi58" suggests, is an insult to all Officers who risk their neck daily and those who died doing their duty. Again, GREAT JOB !
NIPAS4ME January 27, 2013 Report Abuse

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