AK-47 vs. Bullet-resistant glass

Trent Kimball, CEO of Texas Armoring Corporation (TAC), was tired of customers asking if the glass in his company's armored cars actually resisted bullets.

Uploaded by tuner562 September 05, 2011
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It is called "bullet resistant" not "bullet proof" and that was not irresponsible. It was a demonstration of what can really happen. Standing (or sitting) behind the product. Had my life saved by a product just like this. Only have to have it happen to you once to beleive it will work.
deebow January 07, 2013 Report Abuse
I think that video is one of the most irresponsible demonstrations of firearms safety, right behind Rich Davis. To this day..I don't believe he ran his vest tests with full power loads. I have seen what happens to officers shot in their vests. They still absorb all of the round's energy and have injuries ranging from internal organ damage to a massive bruise to broken ribs. Not to cap on vests...they still let you live to see your family, but you get the fight knocked out of you for a while. My buddy who got shot up in Garberville CA said it hurt more than anything he experienced. Bottom line...don't stand in front of a bullet on purpose....ever!
rayder1 September 23, 2011 Report Abuse
Yes, it was Rich Davis and the product was called "Second Chance". I got the VHS for free years ago and it was eight hours of him shooting himself, getting shot. According to Wikipedia, he sold in 2005 for 45 million. Man, I got to develop something.
fandangoforever September 07, 2011 Report Abuse
Thanks,Alocksly.I was just thinking the same thing.You're refering to Rich Davis,who developed the first "soft"body armor in the early 70's.He would set up a table with 2-3 wooden bowling pins to represent the bad guys,fire several shots center mass into the vest he was wearing and then clean the pins off the table to prove you could be hit several times in his vest and still be able to return accurate fire.What a guy,we owe him quite a debt of gratitude for what he did for us!
jcharleselis September 07, 2011 Report Abuse
This reminds me of the footage of the guy who marketed the first bullet resistant vests to LE and no one would buy until he started demonstrating by shooting himself with a .357 as part of his sales pitch.
Alocksly September 07, 2011 Report Abuse

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