Bob Welsh - My Christmas Eve

"Drawing from a lifetime of experiences that include a tour of duty in the U.S. Navy and 29 years as an Ohio State Trooper, Bob mesmerizes listeners."

Uploaded by P1Blue January 03, 2012
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I expected this to be dry and uninteresting, but I felt compelled to click on it. Boy was I wrong. So many Christmas Eves flashed through my mind. One vivid winter memory centered around an old traffic cop, on a 3 wheeled Harley. He was chalking tires in the business district and saw the young paper carrier's bicycle frame snap in half, dumping its rider and the double bag of rolled up papers onto the roadway. His gentle joking calmed the tearful 12 year old, as they collected the scattered papers. Then he strapped the bike and the bag to the top of the big box on the back of his trike and drove the kid to the local bike shop. The repair was estimated at more than a month's salary from the paper route and this small monthly check helped supplement the struggling family's income. When the kid sadly said the repair would have to wait for a while, the cop shelled out the cash and said to pay it back from tips. After a few months of accepting envelopes of coins brought in by the kid, the officer declared the debt to be repaid and refused to take any more money. By then, the kid had become comfortable being around the police station and was intrigued by the equipment, the people, and especially the war stories. That kid was me and I obviously grew up to become a cop. I have never forgotten how that officer's unselfish kindness changed the course of my life. Hopefully, I have paid that debt forward many times over.
sarge889 January 05, 2012 Report Abuse
That was gut wrenching, brings back memories.....
dcreasey January 03, 2012 Report Abuse

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