Oldest retiree, 101, visits police museum

Retired Inspector Frank Springer visits the Portland Police Museum 3 days before his 101st birthday.

Uploaded by P1Blue April 01, 2013
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Happy Birthday Brother!! This was great!
inspector422 April 02, 2013 Report Abuse
Happy birthday, Inspector. Great job recalling faces and events from the past so as not to lose them for generations to come. You've done another fine service for your community. I hope I'm as able as you, at your age and younger, as years go by. Congratulations and thank you.
BCDJR April 02, 2013 Report Abuse
That was absolutely great!!!!! Happy Birthday, Officer Springer! I hope you get at least a few more under your belt. You are certainly alert and agile enough to make it happen. God bless you, Sir!
WarriorSpirit April 01, 2013 Report Abuse

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