Russian Police ninja jump kick

This is a video of Russian police attempting to arrest a suspect. The suspect breaks loose and initiates a fight, at which point an officer runs and jump kicks him in the chest, knocking him to the ground.

Uploaded by P1Blue May 08, 2011
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If he were a REAL ninja, that would have been lethal force cause their hands and feet are deadly weapons :-)
PC9744 September 25, 2013 Report Abuse
If only that would fly in the US without getting subpoenaed to Supreme Court.
OVL3 July 28, 2011 Report Abuse
What they don't believe in HANDCUFFS that would have solved the problem in the firstplace
billmc972 November 11, 2010 Report Abuse
Walker-ovich, Russian Ranger...
LockupAZ November 11, 2010 Report Abuse
That's right! No need to waste time.
Katti November 10, 2010 Report Abuse

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