Shoplifter Take-Down

This guy had stolen carts full of electronics in the recent past. He was considered dangerous due to his demeanor during past incidents. Today his luck ran out...

Uploaded by baystatecop May 08, 2011
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looks like a great video of what NOT to do when approaching a suspect car that is running with suspect behind the wheel.
billiardnut December 31, 2012 Report Abuse
@ 104leo I agree. It looked like a Taser (crossdraw), but got waaaay too close for deployment.
gotgank October 26, 2010 Report Abuse
This Guy Passed Idiot 101 training academy.
thev8man October 21, 2010 Report Abuse
when in doubt, just say it was an explorer and thats what there supposed to do is observe
cnm1177 October 20, 2010 Report Abuse
OMG!!! considered dangerous and two cops walk in front of the running car and one gets in it. Then the take down officer goes hands on with the suspect with his gun in hand as three other cops are there. Oh yeah he also pointed his gun at everyone of the three officers on scene. Good response time though.
104leo October 19, 2010 Report Abuse

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