Civilians argue over confiscated material

A man and woman are infuriated when they claim not everything is given back after an officer returns their confiscated items.

Uploaded by P1Blue January 08, 2013
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It' not that an officer's life is worth more than anyone else's life. All lives are a precious gift from God. When you have a person that so disreguards the rules of this society and rebels against authority by going so far as to kill the emblem of authority (a police officer), you can probably be assured that they will feel no compunction about killing anyone else (grandma, children, disabled people). Officers put their lives on the line every day to protect society. All too often these same officers are targeted for no other reason than they are wearing a uniform. Automatic death penalty for killing peace officers is a measure to try and encourage these violent criminals to surrender without officers having to use deadly force. In the end this saves the criminal's life and the lives of prospective victims. Should the death penalty also be automatic for violent criminals who are preventing other public servants from saving lives (Example: Sniper at an apartment building fire shooting at the firemen who are trying to rescue people trapped on an upper floor), quite possibly yes. It all comes down to the criminal's actions. If they don't care about anyone to the point where they kill authority (ie:a police officer), then to protect society from this criminal, the criminal needs to be executed.
gclever January 16, 2013 Report Abuse
Why didn't she tell them to type out a detailed statement and submit it when they are finished?
worf1780 January 15, 2013 Report Abuse

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