Tampa Police encourage citizens to "Call Me Maybe" in parody video

The Tampa Police Department lip-sync the Carly Rae Jepsen hit to tell their community to call the department with crime tips and information.

Uploaded by P1Blue October 31, 2012
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Well done Tampa PD!!
bluenorth April 24, 2013 Report Abuse
Fantastic Ladies and Gentlemen...the most important numbers anyone will ever learn!
Screw01 April 21, 2013 Report Abuse
This is great! I needed a laugh this AM. Great job TPD...
CLPE April 01, 2013 Report Abuse
Nice to see everyone having fun, but don't quick you day job, lol.
jsmith3325 January 13, 2013 Report Abuse
There was no "love" button, so like it is. Thanks to having a positive Chief that can see the big picture for community involvement and realizing that there can be fun in law enforcement while still remaining professional.
lawman33473 January 02, 2013 Report Abuse

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