Terrorist Watch List SNL

Robert DeNiro gives us a run down of suspected terrorits to be on the look out for.

Uploaded by fieldmouse May 05, 2011
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Even as the time passes, that still does not outdate itself. DeNiro keeping a straight face makes it even funnier.
hspd2m November 10, 2009 Report Abuse
Very Funny great video for Training Class
CMadero November 15, 2007 Report Abuse
I don't care who you are, now that's funny right there! This video will be a used as a welcome change from our typical role call video....I need a couple days off anyway,even if they are for suspension.
copabeat November 08, 2007 Report Abuse
no kidding! I couldn't keep a straight face just watching it.
benwabp October 23, 2007 Report Abuse
FUNNY is a understatement. I don't know how he kept a straight face with this skit.
darrellthompson October 12, 2007 Report Abuse

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