Officer accepting bribe caught on tape

A hilarious police spoof.

Uploaded by mowright May 07, 2011
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Trunk monkey is the greatest, id take the mmonkey over half the partners ive had...look trunkmonkey up ono youtube..hilarious
cnm1177 February 10, 2009 Report Abuse
the only reason why u have over 6500 viewers to this video is cuz of the title.. everyone wanted to see how a cop screwed up and was unethical....Yes, its a funny video..the title should be more like .. trunk monkey and cop"..I agree with Sarkis.."
exmarshal August 29, 2008 Report Abuse
Man...I might have been tempted by the donut.
gotgank August 06, 2008 Report Abuse
Of course he accepted the bribe. At least you KNOW he took the doughnut, forget the money. The proof is at the end when the officer and the monkey drive off....they're going for milk!
dlcrum July 19, 2008 Report Abuse
I do have a sense of humor, but the ossifer" did not accept the bribe."
Sarkis July 08, 2008 Report Abuse

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