Judge Judy - LAPD Traffic Cop Sues Colleague's Spoiled Daughter (Part 1)

An LAPD traffic officer stops another retired motor cop's daughter and gives her a speeding ticket. As a result of getting the ticket she (the cops daughter who was ticketed) writes a complaint letter to the department (With the help of her daddy) to complain about how she was treated so badly by this Officer who gave her a ticket. As a result the Officer sues the female motorist for false accusations against him in an attempt to discredit him with his department & cause him to suffer unfounded disciplinary action. Watch Part 1 & Part 2 and see what Judge Judy has to say about it.

Uploaded by cop4christ May 07, 2011
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Part II:http://blutube.policeone.com/Clip.aspx?key=01A5D6DCCEE40995 The daughter is mad because she can't use her good looks to get out of a ticket... sorry honey, welcome to the real world... daddy can't help you all your life, develop a personality... and to the girls dad, you should be ashamed and embarrased!
chakotay2 December 22, 2008 Report Abuse
The rest of video is on YouTube its a must see, the LAPD Officer has audio tape and proved she lied to Judge Judy from beginning. Officer wins $5000.00 half went to police memorial fund.
jiml November 14, 2008 Report Abuse
The daughter is gorgeous but c'mon. She is a spoiled brat and wanter her daddy to bail her out...please. Good job.
pointblank12 November 13, 2008 Report Abuse
I would have loved to see the rest of this video. I'm sure she ruled in favor of the officer. As a second generation police officer, my father would have beat my *** if I called him DURING my traffic stop for speeding...Of course, they didnt have cell phones back then either. LOL
seven77 November 03, 2008 Report Abuse
I cant believe a retired cop would try to pull a bonehead stunt like that...?
swalker0806 November 03, 2008 Report Abuse

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