Judge Judy - LAPD Traffic Cop Sues Colleague's Spoiled Daughter (Part 2)

**** WATCH PART 1 FIRST ****__NEWLINE____NEWLINE____NEWLINE____NEWLINE__An LAPD traffic officer stops another retired motor cop's daughter and gives her a speeding ticket. As a result of getting the ticket she (the cops daughter who was ticketed) writes a complaint letter to the department (With the help of her daddy) to complain about how she was treated so badly by this Officer who gave her a ticket. As a result the Officer sues the female motorist for false accusations against him in an attempt to discredit him with his department & cause him to suffer unfounded disciplinary action. Watch Part 1 & Part 2 and see what Judge Judy has to say about it.

Uploaded by cop4christ May 07, 2011
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CONT: Is not an active or retired officer. Relatives i usually will not let off. Just me. Furthermore. What ppl dont understand is when you wear this uniform you represent something much greater than yourself. Your actions truely effect all of us in this uniform on and off duty. If you get pulled over MAN UP to what you did, if you get off then fine if not then take it cuz you shouldnt be getting pulled over at all, we know better.
unforgivn September 07, 2010 Report Abuse
What astonishes me more is that her dad encouraged all of this AND helped her write the letter. At the end he says that in no way would her letter effect his career or job assignment. Are you kidding me, those things are permanent and can very well effect, placement, promotions and even pay raises. That is all a courtesy, nothing more. Wether or not i show leniency to a fellow officer or any kids is really all in how they act and personally I rarely do not show it to anybdoy who is not an active or retired officer. Becuase we all know that everybody has a relative who is a cop and wants a free ticket.
unforgivn September 07, 2010 Report Abuse
And another one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLf6vwvkpQI&NR=1 Enjoy. What was Dad thinking. This link is to a prior Judy show where Robinson pulled over an older lady who also name dropped and she was cited as well. This was years prior but on the same street. I thought it was one of the wide streets that had a limit way to low but it is a small residential street. Water must be bad in that area, the lady on this link is almost as dumb as blond e.
mrtwoonine August 15, 2010 Report Abuse
Can you say BRAT? This is another case of spare the rod spoil the child
joedriver August 12, 2010 Report Abuse
I like it... Its bad to have another officer Flash his/her badge and be rude, BUT to have a daddy's girl try to ride his coat tails....
spigelmyer July 19, 2010 Report Abuse

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