UC Davis pepper spray: What really happened

UC Davis PD pepper spray incident, what really happened.

Uploaded by Miller_time December 07, 2011
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99%, 1%.... how about the .002%? How much more one sided could this coverage have been? According to Lacey Loftin's 2009 research, the ratio of police to population in the US is 2.3 officers per 1000 residents. I am a police officer. That makes me a member of the .002%. I write this as I sit in a police car anxious for the opportunity to protect and serve. As a .002 percenter, this is my pledge. You can vilify me with your words and claim that "all cops are bastards" while you scream that I am a pig, but know this: 1) Few in this country will fight longer or harder to protect your rights to say these things than me or the people with whom I serve. 2) I know the law and study it to ensure that your rights are protected. Understand that when I chose to take action it is not a decision that i take lightly or a decision made out of spite. 3) I do my duty with the support of the Constitution and the United States Supreme Court and with the knowledge that my actions are just and appropriate to the situation in which you have placed yourself. 4) I am the person that will willingly run toward danger. I am eager and able to protect the innocent. Your treatment of me yesterday has no bearing on my willingness to run to your aid amidst the sound of gunfire tomorrow. 5) I will keep my composure despite your personal attacks and attempts to "bait" me in to inappropriate action. 6) I understand that true social change in a democratic society comes from the lifelong decision of those willing to fight against oppression, racism and predatory behavior. It does not come from media sound bites at a camp site filled with people eager to misrepresent events and anxious to be a "martyr for the cause". 7) I will do my job, to the best of my ability. I will uphold the laws of a civil society and protect the rights afforded to all under the constitution of the United States of America. 8) I will not waiver in my commitment nor will I be intimidated by a biased media, a cell phone camera or the taunts of an angry crowd. 9) I will allow you to think that "these streets are your streets" even though I have been protecting them long before your arrival and will continue to do so long after you have gone. As you chant and scream at me, "Whose streets? Our streets!" I will not remind you that "these streets" belong to all of us. If called upon to do so I will prevent you from access to "your streets" due either to your incarceration or as a condition of your probation. 10) Lastly, know that I have a job to do. I understand that your movement requires conflict in order to gain momentum in the press, however, should you chose to take action that endangers others, places my safety at risk or prevents the lawful execution of my duty as a police officer we will be opponents in a battle that you will lose. My lifelong commitment to serve my community provides me with a sense of purpose and is a source of pride. Regardless of how many times you chant "shame" know that I am proud of the job that I do and my ability to do it. My parents, my children, my spouse and my community support my efforts. They too are proud. Chanting hyperbole threatens your credibility, makes you appear closed/simple minded and damages your movement. Treat me with respect and consistently strive to make your community better through the job that you do on a daily basis. Do not threaten me or plot to place me in dangerous situations. I am trained to respond to this and the outcome will not be comfortable for you. Do not use me or the safety and security of our citizens as a pawn to achieve points in a political game of cat and mouse. This is not a game. There are no points. Voice your thoughts. Express your opinions. Influence our leaders. However, if you force me to take action know that it will be measured, swift, concise, effective and brought to bear with the confidence of a trained professional. Whether I have protected your right to vilify me or arrested you for a crime, I will go home, I will go home safe and I will go home knowing that I did my job. Sincerely, The .002%
edallin February 06, 2012 Report Abuse
would have charged the leader of the mob with inciting to riot why was that guy even there hes not even a student
joepikeville January 19, 2012 Report Abuse
It seems as though CRACKED.com has given Lt. John Pike of the UC Davis Police Department the title of "2011 Bastard of the Year". http://www.cracked.com/blog/the-9-biggest-bastards-2011_p2/ I generally like the witty humor of CRACKED since the magazine debuted in my youth. However, this article does not get a pass! Maybe it's possible that Brendan McGinley and the rest of CRACKED staff are simply completely ignorant to what we Police Officers actually do and/or how the UC Davis Pepper Spray Incident and many other situations like it actually played out. I strongly encourage you to voice your opinions to CRACKED.com directly in your own way!
CaseyM January 03, 2012 Report Abuse
So let's just do away with the police all together. Then watch as these sniveling spoiled UC brats whine about their freedoms when they're being beaten, raped, and murdered by their own. These officers, who by the way, appeared to be out-numbered by at least 10 to 1, did an excellent job under the circumstances. The naysayers have no idea how difficult it is to maintain your composure when you are being villified and cursed by ignorant loud-mouths. I also agree the media blew this way out of context and should have reported on the pre-pepper-deployment activities, not just the "peaceful" sit-ins being sprayed by the big, mean police officer.
runningunner December 15, 2011 Report Abuse
That just pisses me off
mreedh December 09, 2011 Report Abuse

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