Smug activist TASERed outside court room

Court officers deploy a TASER on a man who refused to follow laws for videotaping on the premises.

Uploaded by hhudson September 17, 2012
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Let the record show AAAGGGGHHHHHH! Too funny!
knaselroad November 23, 2014 Report Abuse
Sounded like a sovereign citizen
Redux March 06, 2014 Report Abuse
This gets funnier every time I watch!
JTaylor76 January 07, 2014 Report Abuse
freesofukoff Thank you for the laugh! I can't tell you how ammusing I find it, being called "illiterate" by someone who fills his own posting with numerous spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. I'm no saying my spelling or grammar are perfect, because I know I'm not perfect. But I'm also not the one accusing everyone else of being illiterate, while trying to make myself appear smarter then them. What an ass hole!
forsy2406 October 19, 2013 Report Abuse
Guys just ignore "freesofukoff" he is just someone who comes into our forum and wants attention. If you argue with him it makes him feel important. If you ignore him like most insignificant things he will eventually go away.
VYMIM July 27, 2013 Report Abuse

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