Woman drives on sidewalk to avoid stopping for school bus

"Shena Hardin, 32, decided that she didn't have time to wait for one particular bus as it stopped to pick up a disabled child each morning, and repeatedly drove on the sidewalk to get around the bus. But the driver captured her on his camera phone and called the police."

Uploaded by hhudson October 05, 2012
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that's a stop in which the officer's opening statement should be; "what the hell were you thinking?!?"
crkdk1 December 29, 2012 Report Abuse
I'm sure this is the same woman... http://www.pressdemocrat.com/article/20121106/APA/1211060632
KKeel November 06, 2012 Report Abuse
I just read this artice about this IDIOT woman: Looks like the judge decided to embarass her! http://news.yahoo.com/ohio-woman-drove-sidewalk-avoid-school-bus-ordered-115808700.html
Str8shutr@msn.com November 06, 2012 Report Abuse
Well he's agile,I'll give him that. If he had fallen and hit his head, he would probably try to sue the force for the car being slippery or something.
choihonghi October 30, 2012 Report Abuse
This video puts a smile on my face every FREAKING day!
tony0886 October 29, 2012 Report Abuse

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