Man slaps Philly cop at Oktoberfest

A viral video surfaced this weekend showing a man slapping a Philadelphia police officer at Oktoberfest after a woman who had tried to restrain the suspect screamed, "Stop!"

Uploaded by hhudson October 16, 2012
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Nothing wrong done there. The guy had plenty of time to stop being a jackass. CombatTested probably isn't even a veteran. It's like a chick saying she's "bi". It's the "in" thing these days. He means he was "combat tested" in Call of Duty but his parents haven't kicked him out of the basement yet! :)
gycho January 01, 2013 Report Abuse
Now he'll have another reason for a headache when he sobers up!
gycho January 01, 2013 Report Abuse
@tschneider, Perfectly put, brother, I couldn't have said anything better!
wsp1148 December 29, 2012 Report Abuse
@CombatTested, YouTube is that way------->
tschneider December 25, 2012 Report Abuse
where is the bck up security def not helping
TROfficer121 December 16, 2012 Report Abuse

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