Suicide by cop: Man repeatedly yells "shoot me, I'm ready to die"

Man previous involved in a domestic dispute stands in front of a storefront, pleading to be killed as cops try to reason with him. Finally he opens fire and they are forced to respond.

Uploaded by P1Blue November 15, 2012
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that's why you use cover and don't stand out in the open like that.
mbiagi15 December 12, 2012 Report Abuse
Wow......At least that front officer, if he made it home, did so by the grace of God and good fortune. That situation screamed of condition orange to red and that officer was in condition white to yellow. Painful to watch and I hope our brothers and sisters made it home safely....
mdale December 04, 2012 Report Abuse
How many of us have gone into a domestic with no reason to believe a fire arm was involved? Obviously I don't know the circumstances that lead up to this. But no one draws a gun every time simply because of a domestic. So, I don't want to second guess these officers. But if there was reason to believe a weapon was involved all of those officers should have drew down behind cover. At least non lethal with lethal cover. It's is a good lesson for all of us.
rmwilla December 02, 2012 Report Abuse
damn! No one had cover. I am not going to lie. I was not ready for that ending.
SilverBullet17 November 29, 2012 Report Abuse
action > reaction. Someone didnt wake up ready for work.
K9Kodi November 27, 2012 Report Abuse

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