Dash cam: Man fatally shot after attacking cops

Footage was just released of a July incident in which two officers were attacked by a suspect and both the male and female officer fired back.

Uploaded by P1Blue November 19, 2012
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some slow application of wrist restraints and poor self placement over the suspect, and well, force continuum? spray? asp? :-|
richardjrdeal October 04, 2013 Report Abuse
On the job for 18 yrs now, must agree with rmls37, and galleon 1235. Physical standards are often overlooked in some departments, even in mine. Political correctness seems to have taken over instead. It's wrong to fill a spot just because . An officer should be educated, physically fit and mentally fit, and morally sound in my opinion.
Soldieroflight September 09, 2013 Report Abuse
Sorry, just cant feel sympathy for that POS, shouldn't have fought the police, oh well.
lawdawg57 August 23, 2013 Report Abuse
In my 15 years of patrol, if this is all it would have taken to justify using deadly force I would have shout about 50 people. This WAS NOT a good shoot in my opinion, maybe not criminal, but definitely a career ending choice.
rmls37 August 22, 2013 Report Abuse
This is why training in physical force is so important to our officers and citizens. The tactics used for handcuffing were not very good, most likely because of the lack of training or just not using the tactics taught. The officers were not communicating, and did not know which one was going to cuff. They obviously don't have a physical fitness program at the agency. Officers that are not receiving training in defensive tactics should look at filing a civil action against agencies when they get hurt or cannot perform the task properly because of the lack of continual training. You cannot expect your officers to respond within policy if you don’t provide the training on how to respond. We don’t hand kids a manual on driving and expect them to know how to drive. The brain is nothing more than a computer and will look for a solution within its operating system based on what has been stored. I also believe this was an accidental use of the firearm based on her reaction at the time of discharge. I'm glad both officers are safe and able to go home to their families.
Galleon1235 August 20, 2013 Report Abuse

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