Cop protects first amendment

Sheriff defends free speech rights against airport official during opt out campaign.

Uploaded by P1Blue November 28, 2012
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Deputy Lenic just produced an excellent training film on dealing with difficult people. The PIO is certainly impressed with himself, but I think he is a minority of one on that subject. I also notice that the CEO had the sense to remain in his office. One idiot managed to turn a non-event into something that made him look like a fool, occupy the time and energy of several police officers, as well as generate support for those he wanted to suppress. Good Job, Dep. Lenic!!
CaptRetired February 07, 2013 Report Abuse
yeah...who gives a crap in people bring a gun on the plane...
Stressman50 December 25, 2012 Report Abuse
This deputy does an excellent job of public relations. The airport PIO should take some classes on how to deal with various media resources that are out there, and learn the law before spouting out things
rangerttg December 24, 2012 Report Abuse
TROfficer121 December 16, 2012 Report Abuse
Fantastic job Deputy Lenic
PNS0829 December 14, 2012 Report Abuse

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