Retired NYPD Captain on police culture, corruption, and solutions

Sierra Adamson interviews Dr John Eterno, retired NYPD Captain, about the main problems with the NYPD which he attributes to management and culture within the department.

Uploaded by P1Blue December 04, 2012
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Interesting perspective. Removing discretion from officers tool boxes creates robots. There are so many leadership problems, which fail the beat officer, that they cannot be enumerated here. Not specifically an NYPD problem either, but a national political problem. PC is today's proximate cause of lock-step law enforcement. Touching on the reporters opening remarks. I believe it is incorrect to state that the supreme court ruled officers have no obligation to protect citizens from criminal activity. I'm pretty certain that the ruling applied to no "General duty" to protect. If an officer, or department were to, through policy or actions, form a "Special duty" to a citizen, that organization now probably has an absolute duty to perform under those circumstance. Failing to perform a special duty would be a matter of civil liability.
gdean December 06, 2012 Report Abuse
For a "doctor" and retired from "law enforcement", he can't seem to maintain eye contact with the interviewer. If you notice he is mostly look up and with very shifty eyes. After watching this interview and reading his bio on Molloy College website, he is definitely looking to become the next police commissioner or deputy commissioner of training come next year's election for mayor of NYC. He was probably more of an inside cop than patrol cop and I would not see him less of a micro-manager than Police Commissioner Kelly.
BT2012 December 06, 2012 Report Abuse

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