Police take down Calif. parolee

Three officers with batons met a parolee who fled after reaching for an officer's weapon.

Uploaded by P1Blue December 18, 2012
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just watching this makes me hold my breath and butt pucker seeing him grab the officers weapon.
cserman June 02, 2013 Report Abuse
G.U.N techniuque. Grab,Undo, Neutralize. Don't reach for my firearm. That's an ass tighting moment when you feel your gun being pulled away in attempts to be taken by a suspect.Good Job coppers.Good baton strikes and verbalization.
BIGrojo January 24, 2013 Report Abuse
Damn newds reporter needs to have tofigt for his life and then try tosubdue a fighter with a baton that won't just give up right away before he decides to use the phrase "beaten" ever again!
cubfn31 January 22, 2013 Report Abuse
@the bronze, I wish I could call a time out when I started to lose. What a bunch of BS.
USAMP704 January 19, 2013 Report Abuse
Too bad punk. You don't get to fight the police and try and disarm them and then just think that everything's cool when you flash the "Peace" sign. It don't work like that...
thebronze January 18, 2013 Report Abuse

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