Klamath Falls PD open carry

Klamath Falls (Ore.) Officer Mike Nork does an excellent job during an encounter with an open carry citizen.

Uploaded by hhudson August 23, 2012
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Ok its obvious that the two young men recording the video were either trying to get a complaint on video or trying to become youtube sensations. Indeed the tables were turned when our great brother in blue Officer Nork and his partner not only assesed a concerned citizen call, BUT educated the public on their rights and how a police officer actually works. To many videos show only a stern side of our LEO brothers and sisters; But none of our job as employees to our fellow citizens. This is an amazing video and my hats off to bother officers in the video.
ghost478 September 15, 2012 Report Abuse
WOW great video and now a great training tool. Thank you for Officer Nork what professionals police officers can be on normal encounters.
emoore63 September 13, 2012 Report Abuse
The discipline this officer shows while dealing with people who just want to ruffle feathers is amazing! Good Job Officer!
buttngear September 13, 2012 Report Abuse
I think that officer had amazing restraint. Many dont have that sort of discaplin.
mccoy1 September 09, 2012 Report Abuse
You can't let your guard down, to many police officers are being shot every day.. Good job and alway's be careful you never know..
glock212223 August 31, 2012 Report Abuse

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