McCarthy on Chicago's battle with gangs

Garry McCarthy address violence in Chicago.

Uploaded by hhudson August 31, 2012
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Blah, blah, blah. No clue.
jmmc8402 September 07, 2012 Report Abuse
Sorry, this comment section is stuttering and not letting me proof read. What a GOOD thing it was to see a prority one response reveal a dead criminal but living "intended" victims. Living because they could defend themselves. The laws you have promoted give free license to criminals. You and others like you have CAUSED these tragedies. We can only hope your innocent citizen victims will vote out the politicians that appointed you.
Cahow September 06, 2012 Report Abuse
Like most liberals, you, Chief do not have a clue. My job for 32 years surrounded me with criminal gang bangers. Assigned for a while to investigate gang related violent crime, I was angered to see virtually every case plea bargained down to half time. That means that many I investigated were out soon to create more victims, more tragedy and cost us all more dwindling money. They could then be resentenced (if caught) for half time and get out to make more victims. What a GOOD thing it was when they were killed, even by other bangers. What a GOOD think it was to see a priority one type of response reveal a deak criminal and only ais "intended" victim.
Cahow September 06, 2012 Report Abuse
My first trip to Chicago was back in 1970 and at that time, it was a pleasurable trip, especially going to the Cubs game. I have, however, been there many times since, especially in the last 20 years and Chicago has become a cesspool. There are some great people in Chicago who are entrapped by the gangs and violence that is commonplace there now. I applaud those who are willing to pin on a badge and enforce the law there but there are just simply not enough of those brave folks to go around. God help you if you take an exit off one of the major highways there and find yourself in the wrong place. You sure don't want to get lost and stop and ask for directions in many places because that will be a deadly mistake most likely. And people want more and more gun control when the fact is that your average gang member who is packing couldn't care less about the laws that are already on the books, much less new ones. And the liberals can't figure that fact out. Restricting the good folks is not going to make the bad people go away or turn nice. The answer is larger prisons and stricter enforcement of existing laws and locking up these wastes of humanity and throwing away the key. WAKE UP PEOPLE, this problem is not going to solve itself and idiots like the current chief only add to the problem by turning a blind eye.
okdlm September 06, 2012 Report Abuse
Okay, so the Chicago Police Chief wants a nationwide gun registration system because they can't control their murder gang activity and murder rate. The rest of the country, which doesn't have Chicago's already draconian and unconstitutional gun control laws, doesn't seem to have this problem and will not cooperate with this abuse of power. Chief McArthy, you are a politically appointed tool.
dgiles September 06, 2012 Report Abuse

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