Rate My Cop

Rate My Cop

Uploaded by Goodcop21 May 05, 2011
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This site is a great tool for officer community relations. I agree concerning the personal and family info. but I see nothing wrong with the roster.
jvtennant March 20, 2008 Report Abuse
I just attempted to go on the site and its gone, well at least not working at the moment. I don't care that they rate us. Most of the comments are prolly B.S. anyways. As long as nothing more then names and badge numbers are on the site.
Stylishxone767 March 13, 2008 Report Abuse
Yep, I found myself on there. That is messed up. I mean I don't mind being rated or whatever. But to have my name and information on there is a little scary. There needs to be a law to protect us.
Glenn8455 March 12, 2008 Report Abuse
This is some scary stuff
Deputy_Swan March 11, 2008 Report Abuse

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