ATT Video: Dangers of Texting While Driving

"Kudos to AT&T for producing this video. The cynic in me recognizes that it's a PR move which is very probably meant to inoculate the company against potential future litigation associated with the tragedies that may befall drivers who are stupid enough to use AT&T's devices to send text messages while also operating a moving vehicle. <br> <br>But still, the video is very well done and, for starters, should be required viewing in every Driver's Ed"" class in every high school in America. It could also be run on a loop at every DMV office in the country. """

Uploaded by dwyllie May 08, 2011
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An eye opener that should be shared with everyone. lol now means life on line...
reymas November 30, 2012 Report Abuse
Anyone that has sent text in the past need to watch this video!
jtdanger January 11, 2011 Report Abuse
Very powerful video. I agree with others a must for all teens to see. I will be sending this to all my young nephews. I just hope the young understand the dangers of this. WOW!
swilliams1988 January 11, 2011 Report Abuse
A must see for every teen driver. Show this to your children. A valuable lesson for all. Great job by all involved.
dandonza January 11, 2011 Report Abuse
Wow! that video is sure to make an impact. Lives lost over 3 little letters.
sweetnurse64 January 09, 2011 Report Abuse

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