Will to Win Brandy Roell

Brandy Roell was a young rookie when she and two other officers responded to a barricaded subject in San Antonio, Texas. What happened next would change her life forever.

Uploaded by P1Blue August 24, 2012
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Wow...if I shot a suspect every time I got in to a scuffle like that, I'd have one hell of a body count to my credit.
fatbob December 23, 2012 Report Abuse
Thank you for telling us your story Officer Roell. I was immediately struck by your comment about you maybe being selfish by becoming an officer. You were not. I could say that a hundred different ways, but please know you were not and none of us feel you were. You are a warrior and an inspiration to the rest of us. The lessons you have been able to pass on to us and remind us (never leave an officer behind, train constantly, etc.) are priceless and I hope that you can someday understand how you have helped all of us still out there with your wisdom. My thoughts are with you.
CTcop1 September 23, 2012 Report Abuse
Sounds like she was not going to give up after being wounded. She has a bigger set of huevos than the two Officers she was working with that day. Based on what I heard her FTO was a useless AH. He should have never assigned a rookie to take the lead in a search of the 2nd floor. The other Officer fled like a baby to save himself leaving her by herself in the danger zone. I hope both received some punitive action. The runaway Officer should be painted with a yellow stripe down his back and fired. I would refuse to work with that SOB if he is still around. I hope the city of San Antonio takes some action to change her compensation since it is obvious the city is avoiding their responsibility to her. Maybe she can apply her educational background or obtain some schooling to get into a career field that will allow her to support her family. Sounds like she may be a single parent. Good luck in the future Officer Brandy Roell and God Bless you and your children.
circle8 September 05, 2012 Report Abuse

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