Calif. police shootout caught on camera

This is some really intense footage. It's already got 4 million views on YouTube so a lot of you have probably already seen it, but I'd be interested to hear what people think from a training perspective. From the YouTube description: "The suspect, Kevin Collier, shot his 1-year old daughter, his mother-in-law and then police showed up (me too). Upon arriving, officers were met with gunfire from the suspect who had a rifle of some sort. Officer Jared Slocum was struck in the left temple, where it exited the rear of his skull. He was NOT shot in the neck, as it appears. The suspect then set the house on fire, before shooting himself." Apparently Officer Slocum decided to medically retire from El Cajon Police Department, move, and go back to college. The officer with him was a rookie still being trained. You can read the full desciption at the YouTube video from the guy who made the video.

Uploaded by ken9cop March 08, 2013
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Wow, this just serves as a reminder how dangerous our jobs are. On a purely training state of mind, this is another reminder that vehicles are only concealment, not cover unless your able to get the engine block between you and the threat. I'm assuming of course the bullet went through the truck the officer was standing behind. It's one thing to talk about and a true eye opener to actually see what our duty ammunition does to vehicles. Budgets are tight but it's easier than you think to get a junk yard to donate a car to shoot and a local tow company to haul it to and from the range free of charge.
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