Woman films NYPD, gets arrested for obstructing

A woman who's boyfriend has apparently been arrested confronts police, disobeys orders, and is arrested herself, all while yelling for others p to pay attention and film the incident.

Uploaded by P1Blue May 21, 2013
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Glad she got arrested! Who does she think she is!
firemed64 June 14, 2013 Report Abuse
The police in this case committed crimes of assault and violation of civil rights. The US District Court has ruled that citizens have the right to observe and video record police officers. The woman was arrested for exercising her right to record police. Asking an idle officer a question only counts as "interference" for people who need self-delusion to defend "the city's finest" from their own wrong doing. Clear and simple, the police arrested an innocent woman in violation of her civil rights. Oddly enough, most of the people who have reviewed this video have sided with the criminal police. People who don't defend their rights don't have any. If the government whittles away your civil rights until you don't have any, look in the mirror and say I let this happen. If the government then whittles away your economic rights, don't be surprised. 400 people in this country have amassed more material wealth than 150 million Americans.
David12345 June 11, 2013 Report Abuse
atomant, sniff all you want, 1, she cannot demand the police answer her questions immediately, 2, just because she's on the side walk it doesn't make her "safe", this isn't a game. 3, related to #2, if police are conducting business and it involves the use of the sidewalk, they may order anyone away from the area they want and that person must follow that order.It appears the police were using the sidewalk since they were on it. 4 those officers actually should have ordered her away much sooner since they most likely don't know her, have no reason to trust her and she continuously stood behind them, 5, as written by others, she interfered.
MMCDXCICPD May 28, 2013 Report Abuse
As you can tell, there were no problems with her filming the officers while they were doing their jobs. This was proven in the first two minutes of the video when the officers continued on without being distracted. The problem began when she engaged the officers trying to be nosy. She was obviously looking for a reaction. One that she definitely deserved. Sounded like another one of those people who don't know the law but thought she did. Good job officers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jmitsch May 25, 2013 Report Abuse
Poke your nose where it doesn't belong, bring an attitude, interfere & obstruct, & you suffer the consequence of your ignorance.
utes May 25, 2013 Report Abuse

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