Dash-cam Shows Officers Saving Life with Philips AED

Video captures the moment an officer saved a life with a Philips AED.

Uploaded by P1Blue October 22, 2012
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HEROES. Good job guys, It takes a special kind of and lucky officer to react and receive good results from this kind of situation.
BSabresfan12 November 12, 2012 Report Abuse
If you don't believe that this is a common occurrence on college campuses you need to wake up. This is the new entitlement era! Students, citizens, whoever... can say whatever they want but police officers can't. It is unclear what the officer is doing. Is he responding to a call? Did the student cut across in front of him? The student should be immediately arrested for disorderly conduct. No question. The student can raise hell but the officer is expected to say absolutely nothing in response. What becomes clear to me may not be as obvious to others viewing this footage- the officer knows that he doesn't stand a chance when he gets called in by civilian administration on campus. He will be wrong and the paying student will generally be right. That's why the officer is not taking the actions that a municipality or county officer would take. Sadly it is a totally different animal. The student should be in handcuffs when he continues his tirade and charged with disorderly conduct. I can't express how many times I've been told as an officer: "I pay your salary!" or "Who are you to tell me what to do?" This is a sign of the times and until the pendulum swings in the other direction we are in trouble. This is the era of 'don't tell me what to do'. Look around- it is obvious.
kevliles October 27, 2012 Report Abuse

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