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A suspect's vehicle explodes at a tollbooth.

Uploaded by hhudson August 16, 2011
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Hope the jackass didn't kill anyone else. Driving is a privilege, not a right. If you have a medical condition that makes it unsafe to drive. DON'T DRIVE!
gycho November 05, 2011 Report Abuse
That isn't a pursuit, and the driver wasn't a suspect: "Authorities are investigating whether a Lower Township man's history of seizures caused his fatal, high-speed, fiery crash into a Garden State Parkway toll booth last week...King was heading south on the parkway when he crashed into a concrete barrier and toll booth at the toll plaza. State Police estimated King was traveling about 65 mph. King's car immediately burst into flames. State Police working a nearby truck-exhaust checkpoint rushed to the scene, only to have their rescue attempt foiled by flames from the burning car."
efneumann August 20, 2011 Report Abuse

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