Cop may be disciplined over chase: Surprise interview

Raw Footage. Reporter got me to an interview about something else and then hit me with the dvd i had made. Was only used for Police Motorcycle officers and never posted online or shown to public. Caught me totally off guard

Uploaded by bradynmurphy December 05, 2011
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This is in Queensland, where unfortunately we have a 'no pursuit' policy. We are only allowed to pursue for serious matters, and even then, they are usually cancelled by communications as soon as they start due to Police being investigated, sued, disciplined and fired for when the offender crashes, hurts him/her self or others. If you pursue for any length of time, whether it just be activating lights and sirens and then switching them off and cancelling the pursuit you will be investigated by Ethical standards. And we don't even have a Police Helicopter for the entire state (Land mass bigger than California, and 5 million people). No onus is put on the offender, if someone refuses to pull over and a licence plate is recorded they offender will get an evade police court appearance where the usual fine is $300. The criminals now know all of this and use it to their advantage all the time.
freeflynz December 20, 2011 Report Abuse
I don't understand either what the discipline issue would be????
peppiest December 12, 2011 Report Abuse
What disturbs me is as you read he never posted this video or put it on the "net" or to the public. He has a RAT in his Dept. that is trying to screw him. I would find out as his right in these proceedings how this "reporter" obtained this video. This is a setup plain and simple. That video is used in court as evidence.
USO131 December 11, 2011 Report Abuse
Can someone fill me in on what the discipline issue here is? Is it simply the fact that he dared to chase down a bike? Or is it that he made a video of it? Nice bit of riding though.
Bruce17001 December 10, 2011 Report Abuse

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