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Video montage of the "Pit".

Uploaded by smarlow February 16, 2012
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Something that hasn't been addressed in PIT is the effects of ESC, or Electronic Stability Control. Many newer vehicles and all new vehicles sold as of 2012 are mandated to have ESC as standard equipment. There are several variations of ESC depending on the vehicle manufacturer but they all do the same thing. ESC works in conjunction with the vehicles ABS, Antilock Brake System, and monitors a number of vehicle components while driving; including, steering input, yaw rate of the vehicle, lateral speed, individual wheel speed, and engine RPM. ESC can independently apply braking to any of the vehicle’s wheels in order to keep the vehicle moving in the direction the steering wheel is turned and can even brake down the engine RPM on it’s own. This is different from traction control which only works during acceleration. You can see why ESC can be a potential problem when trying to perform a PIT maneuver. Based on research I have conducted and short of being able to PIT an ESC car myself, I have come to the following conclusions; At speeds under 35mph an ESC equipped vehicle may not fully rotate and may end up in a T type situation where you as the PIT officer now find yourself only a hoods length away from the driver or passenger of the target vehicle. At higher speeds the vehicle will likely do a 360 and keep going in the same direction it was going in before the PIT with little correcting input from the driver.
Mako161 May 07, 2012 Report Abuse
As a PIT instructor, one of the best tool added to our tool box in law enforcement. Just remember to use it wisely, not in a crowded location, weather. Don't abuse it or we will lose it. I know of some agencies that policy states, above 35 or 45 mph, consider it lethal force and under 35 less lethal. If the administration allowed officers to use it at the beginning of a chase then alot of chases would be stopped sooner, reducing the risk to the public, officer and suspects.
dpdchugs February 29, 2012 Report Abuse
I have not yet been introduced to the Pit, but I am excited as a student to be behind the wheel and perform my first. Good video, odd music selection, but good video.
AEisenschenk February 19, 2012 Report Abuse

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