Passenger jumps from speeding car as police pursue it

New Mexico police were pursuing a vehicle traveling at 90 mph when a passenger jumped out.

Uploaded by P1Blue April 08, 2013
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Great video but disapointed about the ending...We want to know what happened!
Yes, the jumpee lived, and the suspects were arrested. The case went federal and the rest of the video was sealed for awhile. This took place several years ago. It started in Bloomfield, NM and continued into San Juan County and ended on the Navajo Reservation, hence the FBI involvement. We had one SGT injured slightly from bullet fragments and the suspect was shot several times as well but lived.
timmytanker April 09, 2013 Report Abuse
Did the jumpee live; did they catch the guy shooting at the police? Were any officers injured? Questions. So many questions.
CaptRetired April 09, 2013 Report Abuse
Would have liked to have seen the conclusion
fox0311 April 09, 2013 Report Abuse

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