Cop vs. ambulance crew

An officer pulls over an ambulance and the ambulance crew is upset. Don't know all the details behind this one, but probably a dispute that could have been avoided with cooler heads.

Uploaded by ken9cop April 16, 2013
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The paramedic rendering patient care, or "manager", has a legal duty to the patient. Removing the paramedic from the truck is called patient abandonment, and is a felonious act is most states. Additionally, interfering with a firefighter or healthcare provider in the performance of their duties is criminal in my state. Just because it wasn't "life threatening" at the moment, doesn't mean things can't go south pretty quick while the medics attention is focused on an egotistical trooper. Want your backup to take their time getting to you because you have the upper hand in a fight? Probably not. Not saying the ambulance staff was right, but there are other ways of handling business, especially when that guy might be saving your life one day. Bottom line, trooper is way out of line.
Clen407 June 25, 2013 Report Abuse
This officer is way out of control! Psych evaluation recommended.
PAPADINO May 02, 2013 Report Abuse
This Officer is def out of line...WOW.....REALLY!
mkt2126 April 30, 2013 Report Abuse
Looks like this was reported back in 2009: and
ken9cop April 25, 2013 Report Abuse
The O.H.P. troopers are brainwashed into the belief that they are GODS. And can do no wrong. I worked with a bunch of those turds. They were always right. And everyone else was always wrong. Everyone that is around them is low life to them. They strut around as if they are the elite law enforcement agency in the state. I have no use for them. Especially the ones that have gotten into trouble out on the road and been punished by being placed in Troop "R". Most that I worked with were fat and lazy. Instead of doing what they were suppose to in helping us. They would sit in he break room and watch T.V. while they fed their faces. Or, would leave the building and go park someplace and say they were 10-6. The jerk trooper in the video has been in trouble much like what you saw his actions were to the E.M.T. to other motorist. Most of them twist off about as fast as he did in the video, if anyone tries to even ask a question. Those that get reassigned to trp r are just there to R.O.A.D., and fill a spot. I have been certified as a law enforcement officer since 1995, but was not treated as if I was. I worked in a civilian type slot for D.P.S. as an armed weapon screening post operator. I left due to the treatment and the dead end job. I am glad to be away from the two biggest jerks there. Larry Saxton and Kara Philippi. The one that was worth something died two days after I left of a heart attack. That gentleman was Lt. Rodrick "Pete" Norwood. He would go out of his way to stop and talk to you. He was laughing and joking. Treating everyone as if they were part of his family. Guess it is true that the good die young. Pete was only 42. Even though I did not work with him directly, his death was taken hard. The rest of them, especially Tina, Les, Kathy, Stan and Willie, I'd not piss on if they were on fire.
fitzpatrickd April 25, 2013 Report Abuse

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