Rock Hill Bank Robbery Chase & Shooting

"Spectacular car chase with several shooting after a bank robbery in Rock Hill NC. Here we have a true blue hero, Officer Tim Greene."

Uploaded by SPVQ2941 May 05, 2011
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Speaking as a chief I also am proud of these guys. Officer Greene is a man of much courage and honor. Congrats to the chief for choosing such men.
chiefhill08 September 20, 2012 Report Abuse
Amazing job by all involved, and incredible job by Officer Greene amazing courage and intellect acting the way he did.
coweigle April 05, 2012 Report Abuse
Great Job. Congrats!
joetwos October 06, 2011 Report Abuse
Awesome job by Officer Green. Standing in the face of danger, and remaining calm on the radio. That's what stands out, his ability to relay information on the radio while being involved in a shootout. And the boys in blue end the incident with all of them going home.
BU343 July 02, 2010 Report Abuse
Good Job!!!
HP839 January 18, 2008 Report Abuse

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