Shotgun wedding TASER reception

An alcohol-fueled incident on this couple's wedding day ended in the deployment of a TASER.

Uploaded by P1Blue July 18, 2011
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Beautiful job
LaSO May 27, 2013 Report Abuse
I agree with motorcity, far too long to deal with these animals. I've seen similar incidents hampered by department policy. I'd loved to have seen the K-9 let lose and tear some redneck ass!
lazeejjs May 24, 2013 Report Abuse
disappointed in how the officers cowered down from those outta shape hillbillies. that shoulda been nipped in the bud in the first 5 seconds.
Can you spell Red Neck boys and girls?!? Only once at our jail in 7 years have I seen a newly wed couple brought in. Again, Red Necks and alcohol...a lethal combination!
amarige55 June 17, 2012 Report Abuse
I agree, they waited way to long to act... that could have been over alot quicker. Never let anyone get that close to you!!!
jmaraven22 March 08, 2012 Report Abuse

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