TASER Training Hurts

Two city police riding the lightning; an initiation required with this agency to carry a taser.

Uploaded by MadisonVoice August 21, 2011
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we had to last the whole 5 seconds. these guys can't even last for 2. lame
mbiagi15 January 29, 2013 Report Abuse
I've taken the ride a few times now in training following each hit with the probes (rt shoulder area) with a simultaneous drive stun to the left calf. Although I am 100% pro Taser and think they are an excellent tool, we need to remember the Taser is not an end all to every encounter. Position of the probes on the body, heavy clothing, and the use of drugs and/or alcohol all have an effect on the outcome of the deployment. At my department we recently had an incident where a suspect was high on a slew of drugs and was Tasered 6 times (shot with probes 4) with little to no effect. Officers immediately relied on their training and stayed in the fight ultimately getting the suspect under control with out major injury to officers or the suspect. Always stay in the fight and remain safe out there!
jricciar18 February 16, 2012 Report Abuse
I've unfortunately had the painful experience of getting shot with the probes and being clipped with the aligator clips and taking the full ride for 5 seconds. The clips were worse in my opinion, not to mention the burns that are left after. I don't think it should be part of the training to get tased.
duke_88_04 February 15, 2012 Report Abuse
fpdcop1403 February 13, 2012 Report Abuse
In my Department we got TASED with the probes for the full five seconds. Most painful five seconds of my life. Much more painful than alligator clips for 3 seconds.
bill68 December 05, 2011 Report Abuse

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