Drive-Thru TASER at McDonald's

A woman had cut in line at a McDonald's drive-thru and refused to move when they wouldn't serve her. You can see cops deploy a Taser and remove her from the vehicle in this video.

Uploaded by ken9cop May 29, 2012
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bcso290. I agree and I sometimes think that maybe OC/CS has been superseded now by Taser, more reliable and less issues (that’s a whole new topic) haha. We have a problem with our agency in that newer officers are going to Taser for everything and are not developing their skills after they leave the Academy. It causes us a lot of problems with complaints of excessive force and bad press. Officer safety always comes before the bad guys but you would not believe some of the stupid things our young Officers do with a Taser.
windy June 07, 2012 Report Abuse
Windy I currently work for a department that does not have tasers but have used them with a previous agency. When I was with the agency with the tasers, the taser was on a lower level of use of force than OC, hard empty hand and baton strikes. I think that this is pretty standard for most US agencies. Less injuries occur with tasers than with any of the others above with the exception of OC and the reason why OC is higher on the use of force scale is because it could possibly effect others in the area.
bcso290 June 06, 2012 Report Abuse
bcso290 & RThomp1: I am a cop with 22 years service and still front line. From what I can see on the video (same as you) 4 officers and one unarmed non-complaint female? I can deal with that without a Taser, if you can’t, then fine, use Taser, but I won’t work with you. Question: Why do you bother to carry OC, Baton etc, just take a brace of Tasers on patrol. In my jurisdiction (Western Australia) we also use Taser to prevent injury, but there needs to be some kind of threat i.e. we would use it on someone who was aggressive or assulative etc, but not on an unarmed female who was merely non-compliant. Everyone is a ‘Risk’, but they are not all ‘High Risk’. I am aware that Policy is probable different in the USA When I joined the police Taser wasn’t available, now it is which is great (I am a Taser instructor and always carry it) but Officers are over reliant on it. For Officers own sake they should be able to use other force options when suitable and should become proficient in them. An unarmed female perhaps is a good place to consider practicing those skills. Policing is not one dimensional, so why should our response be?
windy June 04, 2012 Report Abuse
I think McDonald's was probably making the case that they were losing business because the woman wouldn't move.
ken9cop May 31, 2012 Report Abuse
How exactly do you cut in line at a drive through?

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