Police tactics against boxing-style fighter

A man demonstrates how to approach a suspect who has the stance and fighting techniques of a boxer.

Uploaded by P1Blue March 05, 2013
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Are you freeking kidding me! Like this dude is going to let you do that....the last thing that we should do 1 on 1 with an untested suspect is close the distance to do something this asinine! Im going to write a police report for the 2 minutes that were just stolen from me! I will never get them back....the Jim CArey reference below seems about right!
DeputyRB May 10, 2014 Report Abuse
I immediately think of Jim Carey doing his black belt knife defense skit from way back when. "You're doing it all wrong! You have to come at me like this!"
zboyd April 11, 2014 Report Abuse
I think any advice is good. Just another defense method to keep in mind
Usmstfo144 April 04, 2014 Report Abuse
This is bad. Someone will get hurt doing this.
bboa March 30, 2014 Report Abuse
I am laughing so hard right now. Is he kidding? Please tell me this is a joke...
swampman1892 March 18, 2014 Report Abuse

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