How to take down a drunk

Man explains what he believes are the best police practices when subduing a drunk suspect.

Uploaded by P1Blue March 05, 2013
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how the hell am i suppose to remember all this!
hawk12461 July 17, 2013 Report Abuse
I like how he instructs to "Grab here" and "Do this..." The best one is "If you sneak up on them." Is this part of a comical series of instruction?
nivled April 11, 2013 Report Abuse
Not sure how this video got posted here. This guy has been called out on youtube for his ninja moves that he says he teaches to "officers". Let the buyer beware.
Interceptor828 March 14, 2013 Report Abuse
Pain compliance does not work on drunks. Looks good on TV though.
sgtpunisher March 13, 2013 Report Abuse
Nice except technique 1 gives the subject access to your firearm.
Lynch808 March 10, 2013 Report Abuse

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