No Lie Blades Police Military and Corrections tactical knife course overview


No Lie Blades / NLB Defensive Measures is the world's leader in edged weapons tools and training for law enforcement, military and corrections. This video is for command staff, training coordinators and decision makers to gain a compete understanding of what No Lie Blades and NLB Defensive Measures can do for your operators. NLB staff is ready answer to all your questions and to get your teams trained and mission ready. No Lie Blades is a certified United States Government service provider with accredited programs throughout the country. The CEO Hank Hayes can be reached at or 610.442.5539.

Uploaded by nolieblades December 30, 2012
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Hello Police One family. I wanted to say thanks for all the views and recommendations! In two weeks we topped 1000 views and received several communications on training education. If your considering an edged weapons program for your department give us a call and we'll be glad get you all the information you need make an informed decision. We can be reached at 610.442.5539 or you can also get up to date information on training dates, training information and access other Law Enforcement training experts on our facebook page at
nolieblades January 23, 2013 Report Abuse
Awesome work gentleman! That was... A) The best display of professionalism possible. B) A very great way to "Stick it to 'em" while being courteous. C) How we should all approach subjects. D) A good ol' Charlie Sheen "WINNING!!!" E) All of the above. I picked 'E'
publicsafety91 January 02, 2013 Report Abuse
Very patient on the sergeants part... Unfourtunately the people that shoot these kinds of videos are the ones we are sworn to protect. It seems more like the lady is harrassing police rather that police harrassing citizens.
rvaldes0386 December 31, 2012 Report Abuse

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