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Knife defensive for Law Enforcement, Corrections and Military is something every operator doesn't want to experience, most of us would rather be shot than violently slashed or stabbed. NLB Defensive Measures leads the way for field operators to quickly gain combat solutions that work for and on most of the people, most of the time in most of the situations. NLB Defensive Measures training in 2 days will make a major different in the way you look at combat but most importantly make a major difference in the way you prepare, respond and finish in a combat encounter. After you've watch this video PLEASE forward this to other Law Enforcement, Corrections or Military friends, family, operators and decision makers in these communities. After 13 years we have successfully trained as of September 1, 2012 - 11,354 operators in an official capacity. The US Military say's we're responsible for saving thousands of US lives. To get your command trained contact

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Hello Police One family. I wanted to say thanks for all the views and recommendations! If your considering an edged weapons program for your department give us a call and we'll be glad get you all the information you need make an informed decision. We can be reached at 610.442.5539 or you can also get up to date information on training dates, training information and access other Law Enforcement training experts on our facebook page at
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