Officer clings to hood of speeding car

A New Zealand news channel reported that a man driving a taxi illegally sped off while a police officer held on.

Uploaded by hhudson December 06, 2011
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Its from china. The cop is okay and was able to hold on until the chase ended after about 3 miles. Speeds sometimes over 100 mph. Nice job. (sorry about the spelling)
kimjuul December 09, 2011 Report Abuse
Holy cow. That is one awful job of reporting. Videos aren't of much use without some context. If I wanted titilating entertainment, I wouldn't be on this site.
rajkalex December 08, 2011 Report Abuse
Were they able to get the taxi stopped and arrest the taxi driver, for I hope attempted murder??? Good Grief how long did that Officer have to hold onto the speeding car and I really hope it turned out okay and the Officer wasn't hurt. Is there any more to this story?
DPDRETDET December 07, 2011 Report Abuse

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